Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blueberries A Super Fruit, Everyone Like to Grow

Blueberries are so healthy, highly rich in nutrition, decrease the risk of colon cancer, and extremely good for brain power and decrease the belly fat. The antioxidants in the blue berry increase our energy levels and immune system this is really a world’s best healthy food. Blueberries seeds are inside the fruit, and it takes a very small work to separate them from the pulp. You can consume fruit from an existing bush or from those purchased at the grocers, but the results may be meager or non-existent. Blueberries do not self-pollinate, actually means they’re rather random and their offspring do not duplicate the parent. It is highly recommended to purchase viable blueberry seeds for planting from a nursery, but if you would like to experiment, here is how to prepare blueberry seeds for planting. Therefore, to prepare blueberry seeds for planting, the fruit will need to be macerated. This can be completed in a food processor, blender or with some old-fashioned elbow grease in a bowl. Moreover to add a small volume of water to the berries as you do this. Thus, once the fruit is mashed, take away the floating pulp, and then seeds will sink to the bottom. You may must to add water numerous times to remove the pulp totally. Hence, once you have gathered the blueberry bush seeds, they need to be scarified. You should place them in some damp sphagnum moss and put them in the freezer for at least 90 days. Moreover, scarification will break the seeds rest period so they are ready for planting.

Furthermore, once the 90 days have elapsed, the seeds can be used instantly or kept in the freezer until you are ready to plant them. Blueberry seed planting should begin in the fall in warm climates and in the spring in more northerly climes. However, you should plant the seed in dampened sphagnum peat moss in seed trays and cover them with ¼ inch of soil. You have to keep the medium consistently moist and have some patient in this regard; blueberry seed planting may take six to eight weeks to germinate, some not for three months. Once the blueberry bush seed plants are grow enough to transplant, move them into pots in a sunny, warm area and keep moist. The growing blueberry seed plants can be fertilized with a liquid fertilizer after two to three weeks in their pots. Thus, the resulting blueberry bush seed plants will bear fruit during two year when the plant is one to two feet tall. It may take quite a few years when growing blueberries from seed before the plant will yield any noteworthy amount of fruit. So, again, you should be have great patient, but once established, it will keep you supplied with this super food for decades to come.Source: charismaticplanet